Megalithic Ent. was founded by Christopher Scott in 2012 in Marin, California.

Chris has a background in art, design, animation, mechanical automation, computer graphics, video games development and film production.

Chris performs creative development and physical production duties for films, games, theme parks, trade shows, commercials, VR and books.

Megalithic-Ent. primary focus is development of creative IP content.

Megalithic-Ent. has three published books and multiple film & tv scripts / treatments currently available for presentation.

Contact: Chris at Megalithic-ent.com


* | (Most original IP content and client work is non disclosed and never posted on this site). |

Resume, demo & sample links:

Chris Resume & Recommendations

Christopher Scott on IMDB

Demo Reels

Chris Art on Artstation

Star Wars ILM Art Dept Challenge Finalist Results 2016

FPDesignFab YouTube

Megalithic-Ent on Youtube

Fun Pro Arts: Chris also mentors local students in filmmaking and entertainment arts : http://megalithic-ent.com/megalithic/archives/329

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