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Bay Area Maker Faire 2019

Preparing, transporting and setting up an exhibit all on my own was tiring but it was a fun show and went well. We made new connections and had an interesting time.

If you wanna see some of my exhibit, I was interviewed on the spot by MakerandGeek live-streaming on Twitch. My part starts at 26:21 but gets going at 28:07:


I was also interviewed by MAKE Magazine. Check back soon for link…

Scout Trooper IG “TK70714″ and Boba Fett IG “14KillStripes” visited my booth on Saturday. Both made cameo appearances in support of my short film BLUE last year.



There was lotsa love for G3 and PKR at the show. Chris aka “Little Dragon” had to get hugs! Parker Sperling the actor who played PKR hung out at the booth on Saturday as well.


Friday morning. All setup…


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