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FunPro Entertainment Arts

Megalithic Entertainment has teamed up with FPDesignFab to create and sponsor FunPro Entertainment Arts in Corte Madera. In 2013 we started a mentoring program for young students interested in the art of filmmaking, entertainment design and development. We have several adult students now as well. Students receive training, mentorship and support in Megalithic’s development studio and in the FPDesignFab shop. Students create original works and learn valuable lessons that build their confidence and propel them into successful completion of their own art, design, filmmaking and media projects. In 2016 we are opening up this mentoring program to a wider audience. Contact Chris at 818.518.7411 or (funpro at megalithic-ent.com) for class information.  Hurry and call today to obtain one of the limited student spots per semester. Follow the FunPro facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FunProArts/


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