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May the 4th be with you.

32Ten Studios built a 6′ long Millennium Falcon model for SOLO. They hired me to handle 3D design, CAD/CAM layouts, laser cutting and dimensioned blueprints for assembly. All based on files and photographs from ILM. I used Maya to 3D design the parts & pieces and assembled a complete digital version of the structure to ensure the kit would work as a practical model. I then converted all the individual 3D elements into 100’s of tightly nested 2D profile shapes in Rhino. The parts were then laser cut from varied thicknesses of Polycarbonate and MDF and assembled around a steel skeleton. Very much like the original studio scale model used in the 1st Star Wars trilogy.SOLO-MF_ChrisScott_32TENsw

Project lead Sean House led Todd D’Amario in the build and assembly which was done in the original ILM model-shop at 32Ten Studios.


Former ILM model shop foreman Lorne Peterson and model maker Charlie Bailey even stopped by to check out the project!



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